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Matt shares information about their new product, Magnesium Breakthrough, and we share how this one-of-a-kind magnesium can transform your life. Matt started BiOptimizers to help people optimize their aesthetic and physique both physically and mentally, but the company has grown and branched out to so much more. Their focus is now also on digestion, and just how important our gut health is to the rest of our body and every function of our health.

When we equip ourselves with the right amount of Magnesium, it can help us repair burn out, reduce insulin, help with our mood and sleep, and reduce inflammation. The Magnesium Breakthrough product that BiOptimizers has created is a blend of the seven forms of magnesium that make it extremely effective. Blackout curtains, a good mattress, a weighted blanket, the chiliPAD , and Magnesium Breakthrough are a few of the top things that can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep.

Learn with a purpose that can give you skills right now. Find the ways you learn and retain information — some learn by audio, others are visual or analytical. KingKeto — Brandon Carter on Instagram. Sam Harris. The Cycle Diet. Cause I have. The world is falling apart. John Jaquish is an inventor, author, and scientist whose discoveries on strength and bone density will possibly change the way you think about exercise forever.

He talks about creating the X3 Bar and how it can make us grow muscle 3X faster than we would while using weights. Connor talks about his use of the X3 Bar and what he has been loving about it, Dr. Jaquish gives us some tips on fasting, and he even flexes on us while describing the X3 bar set up in his Lambo. Jaquish saw how the X3 bar not only helped people grow bone density but gave them an efficient and targeted workout with less chance of injury.

While we can over-load our joints and under-load our muscles while lifting weights, the X3 bar changes the weight as we move. This means more aggressive growth and better results from the muscle being taken to fatigue at a greater level. There are a ton of scientific studies done on the X3 Bar, along with Dr. Jaquish now working with the Miami Heat, NFL players, bodybuilders, professional swimmers, and many more.

With X3 Bar you can do a workout anywhere, and if you are a baller like Dr. Jaquish, you can even set it up in your Lambo. Jaquish gained 60 lbs of muscle and dropped 16 lbs of fat with the X3 Bar. Two of the most important factors of health and diet include having high levels of strength and low levels of body fat. Fasting is a regular part of Dr. John Jaquish: Facebook Instagram Press. Klik hier om de feed te vernieuwen. Dating expert Jonathan of Modern Life Dating and fitness expert Myron Gains joined forces to become the ultimate team of experts in getting girls and building a life you feel confident about.

They join the show to talk with Connor about the three most important things you have to know when it comes to women, and why your reputation and money literally depends on them. They share how you can get special access to their course to help you get an online dating profile that actually works, and how to get girls even during this pandemic. After going on over dates with women, Jonathan of Modern Life Dating boiled down the three most important things to succeed not only with girls, but life in general: Wealth, Aesthetic, and Game.

You must always be sourcing for women. Keep your options open everywhere you go, not just a nightclub or dating site. Even Uber drivers can make great hookups. Spend some time getting your physique better and take care of yourself, but confidence and social IQ are even more important. The cardinal mistake that Jonathan and Myron see is men giving away their attention to girls for free.

They get friend-zoned, and then some other confident dude swoops in. You can build work on yourself in your 20s so you have a better life in your 30s. Now is a great time to get an essential job, save up, and funnel your money into real estate to build your kingdom. Modern Life Dating YouTube. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Andrew Tate returns as our first repeat guest and one of the wildest episodes ever. Andrew also shares some wisdom on how to make money, and we go around the room to give our three basic rules of life. Whatever it is, the next thing that comes around that shuts us in our homes better be a zombie apocalypse. The way Andrew describes it, Sweden sounds like the promised land right now. Andrew loves living in Romania and Eastern Europe in general for the hot women, true freedom, and actually fun parties.

The dynamic changes when there are multiple women. They become crazy with each other instead of just you. They will sell you out in the end. Yes, Andrew has had women leave that he wanted to say, but they will never know about it. When your girl starts tripping and wants to argue, no response is the best response. Hey, able-bodied men in America — stop being poor. Mack Major is an expert at building wealth through real estate and non-traditional lending.

Mack shares actual action steps on how to get money in your pocket and build wealth even faster in bad times. Mack has over 20 years of experience in building wealth from real estate and development. Start working towards saving money and having both liquid money and built-up credit. Find people that know what they are doing and are successful.

Let them be your mentor and actually take their advice. Whether you are running a small business or someone now on unemployment, make sure you get knowledgeable on the loans and resources available to you. Side note: You better believe that Brandon will find a way to use his resources to make even more money. While you can get some assistance, remember that nothing in this world is free.

Whether you have to start driving for UberEats or pick up a job at a call center, do what you have to do at this time. Be sure who you are dating is helping you, not wasting your time or money. Brandon has a theory that maybe all girls spent a little too much time watching Disney movies and dreaming of their Prince Charming.

Now, they expect their man to do it all for them. Brandon is staying indoors and spending a lot of time in his new sauna that he put together. We wish people were stressing the importance of immune health the way they were promoting other things that could actually hurt. Both the guys are doing well with their mental health. Brandon attributes his to only having his mom as the only female around.

Connor practices meditation and has been meditating so much during this quarantine that he is almost at monk status. Neither Brandon or Connor feel bored during this time because they know how to focus their attention and make the most out of their time. Just look at Logan Paul and Charlie Sheen. Women talk about whether or not a guy was good in bed, but maybe they should think a little about their performance!

Maybe a reason to not be monogamous trapped in the first place. The world may see it as a pandemic that stops everything in its tracks, but we see it as an opportunity to get even better. Be sure you are taking care of your mental health and meditating. We need a few minutes of calm and peace more than ever. TikTok can be fun if you are 12 or Connor getting hit on, but make sure the girls you are talking to are of age, and just know that you look ridiculous doing those dances.

Who knows what is also happening with 5g, but Connor is going to update us next episode on ways he is protecting himself from cell phone radiation. Things that we love to do to get our full health bar even higher: saunas, a lot of Vitamin D, fish oil, garlic. Two conspiracy theories that Brandon heard from people he respects – there is a political agenda behind Corona, and it is man made from a chemical weapons location. Connor is having girls over, but no kissing.

This may also be the best benefit of it all. Brandon is up in his penthouse with not that much human contact. We figured that with everyone sitting in their homes and social distancing from the world, you could use a real talk with us more than ever. We talk about capitalizing in the time of Corona, how to still work out and stay fit, and why Connor was in the middle of Florida kissing girls during this pandemic.

Connor went to Ft. Lauderdale to film for spring break, but it was before all the real craziness went down with Corona. Being quarantined at home is a perfect time to invite girls over since everywhere is closed. Here are some things we recommend to help boost your immune system: Vitamin D, exercise, meditation, getting enough sleep, infrared saunas, Zinc, elderberries, and Vitamin C.

And even more sleep. Legend has it, this whole thing started because someone just wanted to eat a bat. Be on the lookout for some new Connor content featuring hot Twitch girls in Vegas. Connor also shares the news about his new dating course to get your dream girl, Brandon urges Connor to hire a maid, they break down the next presidential candidates, and the guys talk about having a YouTube channel with your girlfriend and whether or not they could do it.

Connor and Kinsey launched 7 Secrets to Get Your Dream Girl , where they give both the girls and guys perspective on how to gain charisma, confidence, and just do better in life and love. Brandon is single for life and just meditates while all you losers are having sex. Connor is getting some cool artwork, but would really appreciate it if Brandon got a picture of his naked body on his arm.

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